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Men's ballet shoes

Every man-dancer needs his dancing shoes. This is the reason why they are, generally, one of the most desired products. They are suitable for dance training, gymnastics, dance performances and other physical activities. Ballet shoes are not only a ballet accessory but they are also used during movement preparation for every modern and classical dance style. Our ballet shoes are highly durable, most typically made of canvas or leather, with leather soles and made by the top producers such as Bloch, Capezio and Sansha.


Bloch Performa, ballet shoes f..

In Stock by variants
24.00 € 28.00 €

Bloch Pump, ballet shoes for m..

Delivery 14 - 21 days
25.90 €

Sansha PRO 1C, ballet shoes

In Stock by variants
19.70 € 21.90 €

Capezio Pro Canvas Ballet shoe..

In Stock by variants
19.90 €

Capezio Men´s Cobra, ballet sh..

In Stock by variants
24.90 €

Capezio HANAMI, mens ballet sh..

In Stock by variants
27.90 €

Dansez Vous Vanie L, elastic b..

In Stock by variants
16.00 €

Sansha Silhouette 3C, men´s ba..

In Stock by variants
14.00 € 15.60 €

Gym shoes for men

In Stock by variants
9.90 €

Rummos gym shoes for men

In Stock by variants
15.90 €

Capezio Freeform FF01 dance fo..

In Stock by variants
34.90 € 44.90 €


In Stock by variants
29.90 € 36.85 €

Rummos gym slippers

In Stock by variants
7.90 €

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