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Warm up dance boots

Dancing shoe`s category isn`t as popular, many dancers overlook this category, but experienced pedagogues and professional dancers know that booties shouldn`t be underestimated. The whole movement performance and dancer's health depends on the quality of warming-up feet and muscles. Booties are lightweight and breathable and keep your feet warm before and after your dance performance. Dancers love the fact they keep their feet warm and comfortable when wearing them.

Bloch Booties, One-colored

In Stock by variants
44.90 €

Bloch booties for Adults, prin..

In Stock by variants
38.90 € 41.99 €

Bloch Booties for children, on..

In Stock by variants
40.90 €

Bloch booties, limited edition

In Stock by variants
46.80 €

Bloch booties, limited edition..

In Stock by variants
41.90 €

Bloch warm up booties, with a ..

In Stock by variants
42.50 € 50.90 €

Bloch multifunction booties

In Stock by variants
49.80 €

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