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Ladies dancing shoes for teachers

Footwear for dance teachers deserves special care. The teachers are the ones who spend long hours wearing shoes in dance halls and that's why we have included specially designed models. These designs help decrease the tension in the Achilles tendon and calf muscle so that the teacher is able to teach comfortably all day. First of all, we offer safe footwear mostly made of leather with emphasised elegance, comfort and long durability.

Dansez Vous Aura, teacher shoe..

In Stock by variants
27.90 €

Sansha Diva, teacher´s dance s..

In Stock by variants
30.90 €

Sansha Prima TE2L teacher's sh..

In Stock by variants
33.50 €

Sansha Alba, teacher´s dance s..

In Stock by variants
34.90 €

Sansha Diva, canvas teacher´s ..

In Stock by variants
21.90 €

Sansha Alba, canvas teacher´s ..

Delivery 14 - 21 days
21.90 €

Sansha Prima, canvas teacher´s..

In Stock by variants
20.90 €

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