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Children leg warmers

Leg warmers for dancers are irreplaceable. They're useful in various areas, so they have become a popular piece of outfit especially among dancers. They keep your legs warm, compress your muscles and protect your legs and joints. Find thigh high or knee-length ones in attractive colors made of acryl and yarn. Bloch and Capezio leg warmers are lightweight and soft. Enjoy the feeling of comfort with our leg warmers.

leg warmers length

Capezio Leg warmer 12"

In Stock by variants
18.90 €

Capezio Glittery knee-length s..

In Stock by variants
18.90 €

Windi, knitted leg warmers 60 ..

In Stock by variants
19.80 €

Sansha Millie, leg warmers for..

In Stock by variants
7.90 € 9.90 €

Intermezzo stirrup socks with ..

In Stock by variants
19.50 €

Intermezzo, knitted socks for ..

In Stock by variants
11.90 €

Freed of London, glittery leg ..

In Stock by variants
15.90 €

Freed of London, leg warmers f..

In Stock by variants
13.90 €

Pridance, knee-length stirrup ..

In Stock by variants
9.90 €

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