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Knee pads for dancers

Why would you want to risk if you can protect your knees? Knee pads have prolonged a dance career and protected joints of a number dancers. It is important to enjoy dancing without pain and that's why we have prepared a selection of extra soft knee and reinforced pads so that you feel as comfortable as possible while moving. In our selection, you can find knee pads that not only protect the joints but also strenghten muscles and tendons and thus relieve the strenuous burden imposed on them.

Capezio Bunheads gel kneepads

In Stock by variants
38.90 €

Capezio Knee Pad

In Stock by variants
15.60 €

Capezio Rucanor kneepads

In Stock by variants
23.90 €

Sansha Kneepad

In Stock by variants
10.90 €

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