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Children’s dance tops

Dance tops for children are a perfect opportunity to complete the wardrobe of a dancer. Not only can dance tops be worn in classical dance but also in fitness and other movement activities. Quality designs allow for comfort while dancing, they will warm you up and even let your body rest. Let your children have one and they will fall in love with tops. Your dancing joy depends also on beautiful dancewear and this is what you will find in our selection.

Bloch floral crop top

In Stock by variants
23.00 €

Capezio Damask Cross Back Top, girls bra

In Stock by variants
23.90 € 32.00 €

Capezio Camisole Bra Top, sports bra

In Stock by variants
14.90 €

Capezio Stick The Landing Bra Top

In Stock by variants
16.90 € 24.90 €

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