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Children’s dance shoes - character

Character dance has undoubtedly its own specifics and the right footwear is one of them. The same is true for everyone including the youngest dancers. In this category, you’ll find quality and lasting footwear for character dances, whether you're looking for shoes for folk dances, polka dancing or flamenco. Would you like to give your children the best and thus make character dances more attractive to them? You can start with children’s character footwear which will become every dancer's favourite icon.


Bloch Accent, kids character shoes

In Stock by variants
25.60 €

Sansha Rondo polka, canvas character shoes

In Stock by variants
19.90 €

Sansha Rondo, character shoes

In Stock by variants
23.90 €

Sansha Moravia, character shoes for children

Delivery 14 - 21 days
56.90 €

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