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Men's dance belts

The producers Capezio and Sansha play an important role in men's dancewear. Dance belts are crucial in safety, aesthetics and health. They support and keep the genitals firm while dancing and they also leave the dancer's buttocks in skin-tight leggings without any visible underwear lines. Our dance belts are made of lycra and cotton to guarantee sufficient elasticity.


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Bloch Dancebelt suporter for m..

In Stock by variants
24.60 €

Capezio comfort dance belt for..

Delivery 14 - 21 days
26.90 €

Sansha dance belt D052C

In Stock by variants
18.90 € 23.90 €

Sansha dance belt D057C

In Stock by variants
23.90 €

Supporter with an elastic band..

In Stock by variants
15.90 € 23.90 €

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