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Men's wedding shoes

Shoes are a man`s best friend too, you know? The right groom, witness, or any man who has the honour of being a wedding guest knows what we mean. A unique life event deserves unique shoes and as you dance all night, comfort and convenience are most important. You can choose from models, different colors and designs. Real wedding shoes are within your reach.

Heel height cm
EU size adults

Freed of London Gibson, standa..

In Stock by variants
68.90 € 99.90 €

Freed of London MLB, ballroom ..

In Stock by variants
96.90 €

Freed of London MPB, ballroom ..

In Stock by variants
89.90 €

Freed of London Smooth, standa..

In Stock by variants
68.90 € 89.90 €

Rummos Elite Flexman, ballroom..

In Stock by variants
100.00 €

Sansha Felipe, shoes for men

In Stock by variants
69.90 €

Sansha Mariano

In Stock by variants
86.40 €

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