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Kids latin dance shoes

Latin shoes are ideal for ballroom dances. Soft and sophisticated dance shoes that make dancing attractive and turn a dancer into a gem. Samba, rumba or salsa will now become a splendid occasion that you and your children will fall in love with. We guarantee comfort that every dancer will easily get used to plus quality material, endurance and stylish design. Dance footwear and outfit have a direct impact on the posture of a dancer which is even more important in Latin dances. Here a dancer must show his temperament externally but have the right feeling inside him.

Heel height cm
EU size kids

Dansez Vous Alba, latin dance ..

In Stock by variants
48.50 €

DanceMe, latin shoes for girls

In Stock by variants
69.90 €

Freed of London Libby, leather..

In Stock by variants
79.90 €

Freed of London Maisie, latin ..

In Stock by variants
43.90 € 69.90 €

Freed of London Marina PU

In Stock by variants
59.90 € 77.80 €

Freed of London Satine, latin ..

In Stock by variants
66.90 €

Rummos ballroom dance shoes fo..

In Stock by variants
75.90 €

Jazmin, Latin shoes for childr..

In Stock by variants
51.90 €

Marina, ballroom dance shoes

In Stock by variants
51.90 €

Sansha Gracia girl´s ballroom ..

In Stock by variants
51.90 €

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