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Ladies dance pants and leggings

What mustn`t be left out of each dancers wardrobe are pants or leggings for ladies. Whether you are a classical or modern dancer or you love street dance, fitness or Zumba and you need an outfit for training, performance or workout, you will find what you've been looking for in our wide selection which includes short pants, long pants, 3/4, 7/8, leggings, harem pants, baggy dance pants made of resistant materials and with a high proportion of cotton.

Training pants with ankle gath..

In Stock by variants
49.90 €

Bloch Croise, warm-up romper

In Stock by variants
35.90 €

Bloch, women's training pants

In Stock by variants
39.00 €

Capezio Damask, leggings for w..

Delivery 21 - 60 days
19.90 € 34.90 €

Women's Latino training trouse..

In Stock by variants
48.90 €

Freed of London roll top jazz,..

In Stock by variants
47.80 €

Short overall for warming up

In Stock by variants
38.80 €

Sansha Carry E36F, warm-up pan..

In Stock by variants
22.90 €

Sansha Finlay, multi-coloured ..

Delivery 14 - 21 days
44.70 €

Sansha Gaby E04F, warm-up unit..

In Stock by variants
26.90 €

Sansha Jade, sweatpants for la..

In Stock by variants
19.90 € 26.90 €

Sansha Reid, warm up polyester..

In Stock by variants
25.50 €

Sansha Verity, long warm up sw..

In Stock by variants
29.90 €

Skazz Poetry SK0140C, dance p..

Delivery 5 - 10 days
27.90 € 34.90 €

Skazz Poetry SK0141C, dance p..

In Stock by variants
27.90 € 34.90 €

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