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Children’s dance shoes - tap

The specific dance footwear comes with metal toe and heel. The tap plates create an acoustic effect by tapping the shoes on a specific tap dancefloor that amplifies the sound. The unique dance style is performed exclusively by feet and the rest of the body just balances the movement. It implies that tap shoes are the crucial accessory for dancers. High quality and durability is what you can find in tap shoes in our selection. You can choose beautiful products made by renowned brands.

Sansha T-SPLIT, step dance shoes for kids

Delivery 14 - 21 days
53.90 €

Capezio Cadence tap shoes for kids

In Stock by variants
54.50 €

Capezio PU JR. Tyette tap shoes for children

In Stock by variants
29.90 €

Capezio TIC TAP TOE, tap shoes for children

In Stock by variants
36.90 €

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