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Kids dance t-shirts and shirts

The need for t-shirts when dancing is a matter of course. This piece of clothing isn`t missing in any dancer's wardrobe. Great for wearing with tracksuits or leggings for bigger comfort and sense of freedom. We offer t-shirts not only for girl dancers, but also for boy dancers. Get children's dance shirts in a variety of colors and a mixed palette of stylish and simple patterns.

Ballroom dance shirt, body bas..

In Stock by variants
39.90 €

Boys ballroom dance shirt lati..

In Stock by variants
25.90 € 52.80 €

Ballroom dance shirt, body Pro..

In Stock by variants
25.90 € 51.00 €

Ballroom T-shirt for boys basi..

In Stock by variants
31.90 €

Ballroom vest for boys

In Stock by variants
56.90 €

Freed of London, RAD T-shirt f..

In Stock by variants
18.50 €

Skazz SK3043V, T shirt for chi..

In Stock by variants
17.50 €

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