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Bloch Jason Samuel Smith, women's tap shoes

Bloch Jason Samuel Smith, women's tap shoes

EU size adults Bloch cm
210.00 € Ex Tax: 175.00 €

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Tap shoes that you can use straight from the box. They belong to high-quality models. They were developed in collaboration with the prominent step dancer Jason Samuel Smith. They have a double sole made of hard leather and a triple hammered heel, which sounds intense and sonorous during dance steps as required by tap dancing. The upper part is made like Oxford style, the leather is very comfortable and of high quality. The lining of the shoe is cashmere. Screws holding the sheets will not be loosened spontaneously. The heel is slightly raised and the toe of the shoe adapts to the foot, it is not reinforced, which guarantees the comfort of the foot when moving.
When testing shoes, we recommend testing them on the carpet to avoid scratching the pads if you want to return the shoes or replace them. Shoes returned with scratched pads will not be accepted. Thank you.

Gender Women
Sole type Full sole
Age Adults
Material Leather
Shoe type Laced shoes

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