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Bloch Grace, Ballet Pointe Shoes

Bloch Grace, Ballet Pointe Shoes

EU size adults BLOCH cm
Pointe shoe box - width
69.90 € 83.40 € Ex Tax: 58.25 €

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Grace - a wonderful name for ballet pointe shoes from Bloch, which are known for its lightweight. So far they are the lightest model that Bloch has created, but they also provide support. The shape of the toe box is elegant, designed to ensure safety and comfort at the same time.

Bloch has come up with a revolutionary type of a ballet tip, allowing a lighter and more smooth transition from relevé to pointe, the so-called "Relevease". Strategically placed suspension provides perfect shock ease and a sporty shoe feel. The nose has a beautifully shaped, graduated tip made of long lasting natural materials and a Bloch A-paste formula for superior foot performance and support.

High quality satin top layer has a super comfortable pad that gives you the feeling of a sports sneaker :-).

Grace has an extremely balanced platform that gives you an excellent stability and balance in all directions. It has an internally cushioned toe for incredible comfort and technology. Quiet tip.

Ribbons and elastic products are sold separately. S0161L




Gender Women
Category Pointe shoes
Skill level Advanced
Pointe box - shape U shape box
Pointe shoe length Outsole length 1/1 full

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