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Our sizes fit perfectly like custom tailored ...

What size should I order? Will the item fit well? I have measured my foot length and I want to order by using size guard in cm... Sometimes I wear size S, sometimes size M, number 37 or number 38. Which one is the right for me? How do I know?A weak spot of every online shop is that you haven´t got an opportunity to examine the goods before buying.  I absolutely agree with your doubts unless you are ordering for second time and you know the product quality very well.The Di..

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How to choose the right tap dancing shoes

Hi, my name is Igor Bezdieniezhnykh, I am a multiple champion and vice-champion of the Czech Republic, Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Russia, champion of Europe, champion and two-time vice-champion of the World in tap dance. You can find more about me on Instagram @ Dr.Tap or FB profile Igor Bezdieniezhnykh.I would like to share with you my experience with choosing the best shoes for tap dancing. Step (TAP Dance) - a dance style in which it is mainly art created by taps screwed on the sho..

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7 most common mistakes when choosing a ballet...

How can you tell, that the ballet pointe you have isn`t the right one?Here are some examples by which you can notice, that the ones you are trying on aren`t the right ones1. Twisting shanksWhen you are standing en pointe and the insole is twisted, going to one side and is not straight along the foot line, it could mean, that the pointe box is too narrow and the foot doesn't fit well. Then try a wider box - either in the same shoe size or size for example smaller, but with the box wider.2. Heel s..

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10 of funny everyday dancer routines

We think dancers are a special kind of human race ???? Why do we think that? Some of our friends, which are non-dancers think, that dancers have some everyday „weird routines”. Just continue reading and you will find out 10 of funny everyday dancer routines which have to be familiar to you as well.We can´t stop movingConstant moving is simply written in our DNA! We always move, jump or rehearsal a new choreography. In some situations it can be really embarrassing…Everytime we bend down we do Pen..

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Capezio Tap sonic review

Hi dancers,Today I would like to share my experience with tap shoes from "Capezio" TAP sonic with you. Thank you so much “Dance Master” for this opportunity! Well, now I'm off to the review.These shoes have both good and bad featuresFrom a positive point of view An absolutely excellent sound of the taps !!! One of the loudest beats I've experienced and it's a great choice for beginner tap dancers because a novice tap dancer doesn't have loud beats.These shoes are also light and feel as if you di..

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MDM ballet slippers for flat feet

Have you got flat feet or fallen arch?You can live with that of course and thanks to regular exercises you can get a significant improvement. A fallen arch looks unaesthetic when dancing and brings many health problems such as wrong ankle and knee positioning.We´ve got a revolutionary product for you – ballet shoes from Australian producer MDM with patented Dance Base Support which is designed to support the heel and arch and to offer optimal assistance to the foot when working or resting. Dance..

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Capezio JAG jazz shoes review

CAPEZIO JAG PP15, buy hereYou might be wondering why there's so much hype around a pair of jazz shoes? The answer is simple - if something is really supreme, it's my pleasure to promote it.When these jazz shoes arrived for the first time, I unpacked them and put them on the table. Honestly, I couldn't take my eyes off them :) Little disco dancers mums that buy this model, and no other, have also confirmed my impression.At first sight, it's clear that these are top quality shoes. The dance shoes ..

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Sneakers that make you happy

    Sansha - well known French manufacturer of dancewear makes also dance footwear especiall sneakers under the SKAZZ brand. These Skazz Dyna-Mesh S36M sneakers rank among the most popular ones.  The upper is made of suede combined with mesh which improves breathability of the sneakers. Low top rubber split sole. Special side stripes support the arch. Suitable for musical, folk dances, zumba, etc. Durable footwear providing comfortable snug fit.  Dyna-Mesh S36..

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