MDM ballet slippers for flat feet

Have you got flat feet or fallen arch?

You can live with that of course and thanks to regular exercises you can get a significant improvement. A fallen arch looks unaesthetic when dancing and brings many health problems such as wrong ankle and knee positioning.
We´ve got a revolutionary product for you – ballet shoes from Australian producer MDM with patented Dance Base Support which is designed to support the heel and arch and to offer optimal assistance to the foot when working or resting. Dance Base Support „force“ a dancer to keep the optimal foot positioning.


How does it work? Do you believe in it? Beacause first, I didn´t. That´s why I had to test it first. I brougt my daughter ( who has flat feet) to try these shoes out. After she put the shoes on, the „magic“ really happened :) The daughter´s foot posititoning got much better! I asked her how did she realized that, and she said that inner sole (Dance Base Support) pushes on her foot and encourage to use her intrinsic muscles to correct her alignment.

Full patented technology is devided to four basic health benefits:

1. The patented Dance Base Support is designed to support the heel and arch, and to offer optimal assistance to the foot when working or resting.

2. Pronation in the whole foot position is a common dance technical fault. Through the process of proprioception, the Dance Base Support encourages alignment awareness and the opportunity to make small consistent adjustments to facilitate optimal positioning.

3. As the dancer moves from whole foot into demi pointe, the Dance Base Support continues to provide support to the foot and an awareness of the dancer’s alignment through the ankle and lower leg.

4. The patented Dance Base Support helps build strength in the small important (Intrinsic) muscles of the foot by providing controlled resistance. The development of these muscles is key to supporting a dancers foot work development and the prevention of many common lower leg injuries.

The shoes are made of stretch, strong, supportive and antibacterial material developed exclusively for MDM and represent a unique combination of high aesthetics and health effects.

Model MB 126

A revolutionary product in dance shoe sphere. Besides aesthetics function, these second skin ballet slippers were designed to take care of your health as well. Securely fixed inner sole keeps your foot in the right position by soft pushing on fallen arch. The foot will automatically turn your foot in the right place. Prevents injuries. Faulty foot posture can ruin your knees and joints. Impact protection. A high tensile anti-bacterial inner material. Leather split sole. Canvas-like stretch comfortable fabric to maximize your performance. The base support has been made wider at the forefoot improving the aesthetics when in the pointed position. Wear only on specialised dance surfaces. Avoid surfaces such as concrete, roads, floorboards and carpeted areas.

Model MB105

Dance base support, reflex contour panel, expands and contracts with your foot, pre-sewn elastics, high-grade canvas. Accentuating the arch. Preparation for demi pointe and pointe work. Ideal for growing bodies and various climates and conditions that can affect foot size. A high tensile anti-bacterial inner material. Split sole.

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