Capezio Tap sonic review

Hi dancers,
Today I would like to share my experience with tap shoes from "Capezio" TAP sonic with you. Thank you so much “Dance Master” for this opportunity! Well, now I'm off to the review.

These shoes have both good and bad features

From a positive point of view

  • An absolutely excellent sound of the taps !!! One of the loudest beats I've experienced and it's a great choice for beginner tap dancers because a novice tap dancer doesn't have loud beats.
  • These shoes are also light and feel as if you didn`t have anything on your feet !!
  • The shoes have a very impressive design.

    But there will also be enough negative points

    • The plastic sole prevents the foot from moving from the heel to the toe.
    • The leather is glued to a plastic sole, which is not very flexible and prevents the foot from bending.
    • The heel is very narrow for my taste.
    • The non-slip rubber sole sold with the shoes, which is to be glued to the sole to prevent it from slipping, does not stick well, and, after glueing this anti-slip rubber, the beats do not sound as good as they should.

      When I summarize, this is what we have

      • Great sound.
      • Unusual design
      • The lightweight of the shoes, which means that you will not be tired after an hour of training and your legs will not hurt.
      • I would recommend these shoes for beginning tap dancers

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