Tips and tricks


Tips and tricks

20 things you shouldn´t tell your dance pedagogue.

There are so many things you can tell to your dance pedagogue. But sometimes it´s good to have such a list as we offer. ???? It will find answers to all your „doubts“ sooner than you give a question.1. Clumsy legsScientists have proved that clumsy legs don´t exist. The only way how to avoid themis - more and more dance technique practicing.2. I´m so bored of new students.It wasn´t so long ago when you were a new student as well. You felt unwelcome and unwanted. Just remember how was that feeling..

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Tips and tricks

How to sew elastic bands onto ballet shoes tutorial

Beginner dancers often face difficulties when sewing a rubber band on a ballet slipper. How to sew correctly and what are these bands good for? Ballet shoes, ballet pointes or simply ballet slippers protect dancers' feet and prevent from leg pain while dancing.But they can only perform these functions if properly used. In addition to the good length and width of the shoe, attention should also be paid to a good fit. Two types of elastic bands are used for good fastening of the slipper - one goes..

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Tips and tricks

Dance tights selection guide

Dance or ballet tights complete the aesthetic image of a dancer. We often hear opinions that regular tights will do. They won't! Ballet tights are more stretchable and durable than regular ones. If you were to dance in regular tights you wouldn't feel good at all - they tend to have a strengthened panty area which you can't find on ballet tights, they're unpleasantly sheer and even though you buy black tights and use them for dancing they are just good for a single use. Dance tights are usually ..

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Tips and tricks

Things to consider when choosing pointe shoes

Choosing the right pointe shoes is one of the most challenging tasks of every dancer. If the pointe shoes don't fit right, your joy can easily transform into a training nightmare. Here are a few useful tips how to choose the right pointe shoes. First, you need to know your foot type. - Greek type – the second toe is the longest- Egyptian type – the big toe is the longest- Square type – the same lenght of the big toe and other toes When you know you have the right pointe shoes? If the lengh..

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Tips and tricks

Ballet leotard shopping guideline

How to choose the right dance leotard? With these 7 tips we think are good to know, it will be easier.Choose leotard by dance style.Although it may seem to be irrelevant, it's actually not. A classical dance teacher (ballet) usually recommends a thin shoulder strap jersey. The leotard should be a matter of course in classical dance lessons. Folk dancers, where class lessons are also very common, prefer mostly sleeved leotards (long, 3/4, short). Easily add skirts, roll over and are ready for the..

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Tips and tricks

How to choose the right ballet slippers?

Many of you are quite clear on what ballet shoes or slippers to buy. Whether for your child or for yourself. If not, read this article. I'll make it short and informative, I hope.The style of dance for which ballet shoes are used emphasizes technique. Choosing the right workout is extremely important. It helps to learn the right technique.Ballet slippers are often listed as slippers for children and adults. In this case, the right size is crucial.Then there are also slippers for beginners and mo..

Read more 17, 2015
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