People should by Christmas presents that make sense

However, craziness is here and it's a pity that the Christmas period is becoming more and more associated with stress, nerves and chasing, rather than joy, well-being and slowing down throughout the demanding year. So true, right? The demands of not only parents but also children for Christmas gifts are growing and parents are doing everything to please their children as much as possible.

In addition to work, baking, cooking, shopping, newly home-schooling and daily worries, parents somehow forget to think about what our children really need.

Let's avoid the problem

And so it happens that just after Christmas, the trash cans are full of what was bought unnecessarily, or here comes the second phase of Christmas stress and that is returning presents, exchanging them or the third and most common scenario, when the gift is unpacked and put away.

If you have a dancer at home, this article aims at helping you save time and money in the pre-Christmas pressure.

Wasting time -  by thinking about what to buy.

Wasting money - by buying unnecessary gifts.

Let us choose

These are the three products that have a long-term impact. Not only will the little dancer be pleased, but such a gift will also have a meaning and practical use in the daily life of every dancer. After all, the dancers and customers themselves talk about the value of these gifts in reviews.

Multi-space bag from Bloch 

Our customer Vanda has this opinion: "I can only recommend this bag, it is beautifully made. Bloch print, a combination of purple inside and several folders into which I can pack everything for training. '

Capezio Pirouette II leather pointes

Our customer Jana has this opinion: “I hesitated to buy because of the price :) It paid off !!!! They are amazing, they fit perfectly, the material is pleasant, the gel strip prevents slipping. I definitely recommend it. ’’

Capezio Leotard

Our customer Eva has this opinion: "It fits beautifully, excellent quality, I also use it for Pilates, I recommend it."

If you still can't decide what's worth buying a dancer, we have prepared a small CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN for you. We will pack the gift, add a nice dedication from Santa to each order and send the package in a beautiful Christmas package.

You will also find gift vouchers there, allowing the dancer to choose exactly what he needs.

We wish you an especially peaceful Christmas our friends.

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