Which item shouldn´t be missed in your closet? We have asked

If you got only 5 seconds to name which item shouldn´t be missed in ballet dancer´s closet, you would probably say: ballet shoes, pointe shoes or tutu skirt. We absolutely agree with you. But if you really had more time to name those must-have item… Do you think everything important would be there? 

A lot of dancers realize the difference between stage or training look. Dance trainings aren´t so strict in clothing. In the other hand, dance exhibitions or performances expect some respect and decorum. Ballet was the first kind of Art - performed a front of Kings.
So, if you dance professionally or just for fun, it´s good to know, what   basic pieces shouldn´t be missed in your closet. First thing is the respect for this kind of Art, but we should know that most items play important function as well.
We already wrote in article last year -   about Essential items ballet dancer shouldn´t stay without through the year.  We made a list of some basic items of dancer´s closet. This year we have decided for something else. We have asked several Slovak dancers. 

Their answers matched in many ways, so we have sorted them to the categories.
We left some original recommendations in the end of the article.
Who were the interviewed Slovak dancers – you´ll find out during the reading. 

Dance shoes

Every interviewed dancer answered - dance shoes on the first place. Dance quality shoes of every sort. Girls mostly mentioned - ballet shoes or pointe shoes in two basic colors (pink and beige). They´re  a must-have training equipment as well as warm-up booties, character shoes, jazz shoes and comfy sneakers.
Dance shoes are one of the most expensive items from Dancer´s wardrobe. But they are the most used items as well so we have to take care about them properly. That´s why we wrote very useful article: “How to take care of dance shoes and extend theirlongevity” a short time ago. If you didn´t read it, go ahead, you can save tens of euros on your dance shoes.
You can find dance shoes of every sort on our website in the section  Dance shoes. Just filter a dance style and choose a model. 

Kristína Slováková

Basic clothing

Dancers accented the priority of comfort and cleanliness during warm-ups.
They prefer warmer and bigger outfits. But at the other hand they feel the best in quality ballet leotard and ballet skirt during the classic training.
If you want to aware of injuries please don´t forget about warm-up clothing such as leg warmers, sweaters and sweatpants. In case of tears, runs, stains, or excessive sweating, you want to have a backup pair of tights, clean leotard.  You will avoid a bad feeling – dancing with your partner or getting cold.
Some pieces of dance wardrobe such as ballet skirt don´t get sweat as  the other ones. If you want to save money we recommend you to buy universal color skirt, so you can match it with more leotards.
We offer a direct link to these warm-up clothes : leotards, leg warmers, sweat pants, skirt

Matilda Poláková

Hair accessories

Classical dancers in particular need to be meticulous in sporting a neat hairstyle that will stay in place and not interfere with the look or execution of their movements. Only one sticking out hair stand can disturb the whole look. Although the hair needs some special treatment and time,  you can use it to talk with your colleges, or you can help each other with the hair.  For a perfect hair you will need hair clips, pins, elastic bands, hair brush, comb, hair bun cover and hairspray.
Visit our category Hair accessories

Peter Andel

Sewing set

A sewing set could save any dancer´s neck before exhibitions or trainings… If you need to fix a hole in your costume, stitch a new ribbon   for your pointe  shoes  or  fix a ladder in your stocking it´s important to have a needle, a thread, a pair of scissors and a ribbon by your hand.
We offer  mini sewing set from Bloch where you can find everything important to save  you before a dance disaster.   

Nina Fukasová

Health accessories for dancers

 It sounds unbelievable that behind beautiful and fluent dance moves on the stage can be hidden a knee pain, bleeding toes, swellings or pressure sores.  Dance is literally a top level sport. Our interviewed dancers accented health accessories as a must-have  equipment for a dancer.  They meant mainly a bandage, ice spray, cooling cream, knee protectors, healing  plasters and disinfection products.
Health accessories you can find in category Health and nutrition.

Richard Adamek

A bag and a costume case

As you can see - there are many necessary everyday items for a dancer… Each one is very important in training process or stage performance as well. If you don´t want to look like a Christmas tree J you´ll need a spacious bag for all your dance wardrobe and accessories.
Our selected dancers suggested us to choose a multi compartment bag so you can keep your items organized. If you want to save your time between trainings please choose a BlochMulti-compartment tote.
It´s a  perfect way to divide your sweaty clothes from dry and clean one.
One of the most important things you need to have prepared before a performance is – a costume. We recommend you Capezio travel cover bag  which is perfect for exercise shoes, leotards, dresses and other needs as well. Your dance wardrobe will be protected in the best way.
Tutu skirt needs a special treatment. It needs to remain its beautiful shape. Sansha tutu bag is the right choice. 

Tamara Čertíková

Something extra

We would like to mention a few more things which play a big role in a dancer´s life. These suggestions weren´t repeating regularly in each asked dancer. We are going to mention the author, who didn´t forget for the importance of this item and puts a special emphasis on that. 

Denisa Richtaríková


  • Filip Manc can´t miss the headphones with a good music before a dance performance. Music inspires, motivates, relaxes and mentally prepares him. He accentuated a back-roller and  a stretching band. You can find it in our shop from Sansha.
  • Richard Adámek can´t imagine his quality training without a deodorant, which he also recommends to all dancers. We absolutely understand it, because the men often lift girls and they are in immediate distance with them as well.
  • Denisa Richtáriková didn´t forget of a  power training. Her training equipment includes hand and leg weights. We recommend them as well.
  • Kristína Slováková   totally amazed us with her answer – Every dancer shouldn´t miss a smile and honest happiness from dance.  You can feel it from distance. :)

Vanesa Bublová

We believe, we have helped you with our useful tips – for basic dance equipment. We also hope we have made it easier for you before a school start year.
In the name of Dancemaster team I would like to thank to all amazing dancers, who have brought their helpful tips for us.

Simona Danková

Erika Švecová

Viki Kozáková

Liliana Szabová

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