Essential items to pack in your dance bag. Ballet dancers!

Here is the list of essential things, which every dance student should always pack in his/her bag to be well prepared. It´s a responsibility of everyone, so make sure your dance bag contains everything you’ll require to be safe, comfortable, and successful in your dance and movement work.

  • Dance shoes

Dancers, it has to be A PAIR! The left shoe as well as the right shoe ???? The best way is to have a variety of shoes, such as basic ballet slippers, jazz sneakers, pointe shoes etc.  It´s important to have your own shoes for each dance style, so your feet will get used to them. Take care of them very properly and make sure, your parents know about their condition as well so they can check it.  At least they are the ones who buy your shoes mostly ????.
You will find a great choice of quality dance shoes from our store in Dance shoes category.

  • Pants, leggins and tights

Keep them clean and learn how to care of them. Try to avoid of holes, be careful especially with stockings. The look at the ripped tights hurts the most before dance exams in dressing room. Try to find dance clothes suitable for each kind of dance, so you can feel comfortable.   Clothes should match with some criteria of dance style you will be dancing. We don´t think you will choose an oversized sweat-pants for a classic dance rehearsal, where it´s important to accentuate the beauty of the dancers' lines. On the other hand, the sweat pants are an ideal choice for modern dance or contact improvisation dance routine.
You will find pants, leggings, tights and other dance clothes here:
Pants and leggings orStockings and tights 

  • Hair accessories

We know that after months of going to dance trainings, you are sometimes „lazy“ to fix  your hair. But don´t forget! The feeling when you enter into a dance hall with your well done hair, will influent your performance. The truth is, we feel much better when we´re healthier, cleaner, we smell nice and we look good. When you look good, you feel good. Don´t forget for a hairbrush, bun cover, hair pins, hair ties and of course a hairspray.
You will find all these items here:  Hair, jewellery, cosmetics

  • Hygiene

Disinfection for your hands and face is very important part of your bag as well.  We often touch a ballet bar, dance floor (never the cleanest surface), handles etc. Very helpful are for example antiseptic wipes - good for cleansing a minor cut or scrape or even dirty hands, particularly when it’s inconvenient for you to leave the studio or stage area.
A deodorant is a part of this section as well. No one likes working with a performer who stinks up the studio. ????
Breath fresheners to make a pleasant impression on anyone you may speak to at an audition.
We don´t protect only us with these hygiene accessories but others, too.
You won´t find them in our e-shop, but you can get them at any drugstore. 

  • Shoe cleaning accessories

Quality dance shoes are an investment and dancers are not easy on their footwear. In order to make sure your dance shoes last and stay looking sharp, they need to be cared for properly. There are cleaning brushes, variety of shoe impregnations and special shoe rubber brushes.  After long hours of performance your shoes will need a special cleaning treatment. Don´t forget to clean your dance shoes regularly at least one monthly. 
You will find a shoe brush in Dance equipment for dance shoes category. 

  • Resistance exercise band

Important thing before and after performance.
Ideal for warming up, shaping and stretching muscles. A must have item for your bag.
To see our offer please check:  Health andnutrition.

  • Sewing kit

An ultimate dance accessory.  A needle, a thread, a pair of scissors are a necessity for your bag.
Everything you need to correctly prepare your pointe shoes and ballet shoes for dance class.
Great for speedy repairs.
Find this item in Ballet accessories  category. 

  • Bottle of water

Water should be your best friend ????  To stay hydrated during long days of rehearsing or auditioning, and a reusable water bottle can easily be refilled with clean water (not sweet). Glass bottle saves energy and it is good for environment.
You will find a glass bottle in  Health and nutrition category.

  • A good book

Sometimes long breaks between classes or rehearsals are too long. Pack a good book to help pass the time.

  • Extra clothes

Weather changes, air conditioning, air current, running between dance halls etc. These are every day routines of a dancer in theatre, studios or classes. You can get sweat very fast and get ill as well.
Please don´t forget to pack some extra clothes such as a pair of booties, some hoodie, dry sweatpants and clean T-shirt

  • Dance bag

What would a dancer do without a really good bag? You don´t need just to pack all your dance stuff, but to organize it as well. We´ve got a couple of them in our offer. One of them is a practical
multicompartment tote  or something for professionals  from Capezio.
You will find more items in category  Backpacks, bags, cases
We hope this article was helpful and it started you to a new dance school year as well. If you have any questions, don´t hesitate. We´re here for you every day ????

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