20 things you shouldn´t tell your dance pedagogue.

There are so many things you can tell to your dance pedagogue. But sometimes it´s good to have such a list as we offer. ???? It will find answers to all your „doubts“ sooner than you give a question.

1. Clumsy legs

Scientists have proved that clumsy legs don´t exist. The only way how to avoid them
is - more and more dance technique practicing.

2. I´m so bored of new students.

It wasn´t so long ago when you were a new student as well. You felt unwelcome and unwanted. Just remember how was that feeling and you will stop doing „bad things“ to other newies.

3. You never tell us about your private life.

Don´t forget please ???? Dance pedagogue is a person, who helps you to reach your artistic goals in the most effective way. Sharing his/her private life is really not important in this process.

4. I heard that other dance classes are much cheaper.

Go ahead and try it. These are the school rules established by our management. Trust them, they know what to do.

5. How is it possible that celebrities from Czech & Slovak got talent have made a dance show for a weekend? What about us?

First, you see only cuts in TV. You´re not able to see when and how long was the show shot for real. Second, dancing „celebrities“ are actually top dancers - used to work effectively, smaspodically and dinamically.

6. Why can´t I dance like another dancer?

Can you imagine that everybody would dance the same way? Everything – originality, inventiveness, personal exhibition would disappear from the artistic world and dance would be just a cold and blunt.

7. You said, we´re going to repeat the choro only one more time ...

Yes, you´re right. I have said that. In dance pedagogue´s dictionary „ one more time, really one more time“ means - till the work is done (till your pedagogue will be 100% satisfied)????

8. Teach me what I saw on Youtube!

An inspiration is perfect! Don´t forget, that dancers who publish videos on Youtube work really hard on their performances and that´s why the videos motivate you to dance like them.

9. My previous pedagogue said something else.

Just try to tell your boss how perfect your previous job was! It´s a little bit inappropriate. Each job, conditions and teaching methods are different.

10.Could we dance only this choreo?

I don´t enjoy other dances. Your pedagogue knows the best what to teach and why. Trust us, with so many experiences he is the one to help you improve.

11. I´ll be back in the spring

Spring? What year? Procrastination touches dancers, too. You are just moving away from your goals. And the time you have devoted to dance is becoming totally wasted.

12. Why don´t you teach us this?

Unfortunately you are not a pedagogue in a dance hall. You pay a well-educated person, who knows the best how to proceed.

13. I won´t perform unless I am not ready.

Don´t worry, your teacher would not let you perform unless you are not ready. Participating in an exhibition will make you a better prepared artist to further time.

14. Other students told me, that I shouldn´t...

Consider „talks“ with someone. They can really disrupt all „ the construction“ your teacher started to build with you. If football player-amateur try to advise to others – the result is amateur football.

15. Dancing isn´t for me.

Is there anything you can do better? Of course. Doesn´t matter if you choose professional or just occasional dancing. It´s not just moving what is important but many other invisible pluses.

16. I don´t have a time, I´m too busy.

One of the reasons you should dance is that you´re too busy. It´s a really good idea to go out and dance the stress out sometimes. It will start you for better work efficiency.

17. I can already dance, teach me something better.

Dancers who say that probably want to see some special stunt dance pieces. They are the ones who mostly need to practise more.

18. I am going to practise it at home.

Unless it doesn´t affect your dance trainings. Don´t forget, you pay a dance lesson- to have enough space for dancing as well as professional pedagogue´s advices.

19. I´ll have a break.

If it´s necessary (injury, health...) have it! We recommend having a break just after the training. The biggest progress comes in the hardest situations.

20. I...

... we could continue this way over and over. But we believe, that you´ve realized enough: Your dance pedagogue´s first interest is to bring up a good dancer and person.

At the end we offer a video with a helpful theme for you. This is how you shouldn´t behave at the training.

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