Dance tights selection guide

Dance or ballet tights complete the aesthetic image of a dancer. We often hear opinions that regular tights will do. They won't! Ballet tights are more stretchable and durable than regular ones. If you were to dance in regular tights you wouldn't feel good at all - they tend to have a strengthened panty area which you can't find on ballet tights, they're unpleasantly sheer and even though you buy black tights and use them for dancing they are just good for a single use. Dance tights are usually made of the combination of cotton/spandex or microfibre. It's necessary to say that these tights are also more expensive, if you've been wondering. :) They must be more expensive because they're made of more expensive and better quality materials thanks to which they're more comfortable and last much longer than regular tights.

There's a variety of tights made - convertible, footless, footed, stirrup, body tights... It's up to you to choose the most suitable and fitting ones for your own feeling of comfort and beauty.


First let's have a look at various types of tights:

  1. FOOTED 


FOOTED - regular tights with a full foot are suitable for classical dance lessons. They fit well in shoes and ballet shoes and pointe shoes. They are usually seamless and come in various colours. 



FOOTLESS - leggings tights are usually used in training of modern or scenic dance. They can also be used in classical dance lessons based on the requirements of the dance teacher or the dancer's feeling. 


STIRRUP - tights without the toe and heel parts are popular among more experienced dancers. 


CONVERTIBLE - tights with a small opening on the bottom of the foot that you can pull up over the ankle, converting them to footless tights. This is the most popular type of tights in classical dance lessons because they allow the dancer to dance part of the lesson in dance shoes or pointe shoes with the tights inside the shoes and part of the lesson barefoot without a need to change. Just pull up the tights over the ankle. 




BODY TIGHTS - are popular with experienced dancers. You need personal experience with body tights though and choose the right size for a snug fit. 

Colour selection criteria is the next one:

We need to say that majority of producers offer a wide colour palette of tights. The most frequent colours are ballet pink, white, black, nude. However, you can also find crazier colours such as blue, green, purple, etc. 


Design selection criteria:

  • regular
  • glossy
  • fishnet

Material used:

Nylon/Spandex, Tactel/Spandex, Microfiber, Polyamid/Lycra, Nylon/Spandex/Cotton rank among the most frequently used materials. The material used defines the qualities of tights such as close fit, elasticity, gloss, absorption. Various types of tights have different thickness and are marked as "ultra soft, hold and stretch, studio basic ..." 



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