Backstage photos of dancers that will get you emotional.

Perhaps every dancer knows that the top ballet scene include the Russian ballet. St. Petersburg is a city known for its rich ballet history, and this is where the professional ballerina Darian Volková comes from.

Looking at the gallery, you will realize that Darian is a truly multitalented woman. "Ballet is more than the world - it is the universe" - Darian Volková claims that she was brought to photography by her desire to show the world the other side of ballet, which is not only full of beauty and smiles. The side from behind the red curtain. "Not everyone has a chance to become a professional dancer in the Russian National Ballet, but through my pictures everyone can perceive the dance world through the eyes of a ballerina," Darian says. Darian is also a passionate traveler and therefore we have the opportunity to watch her ballet photos from around the world.

Darian says that despite various cultures and language barriers, when it comes to dance, they all become soul mates that break down every border.

It only confirms that dancing could peacefully become a pledge and bring a bit of peace and tranquility to the world.

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