Why take part in dance competitions?

Why take part in dance competitions?

Hi, my name is Anna Šitnerová, I am a graduate of the Dance Conservatory of the Capital City of Prague in the Czech Republic. I dedicate myself to a wide range of dances from contemporary, ballet, high heels, MTV and many other styles. You could see me dancing at various concerts, for example, Jiří Korn, Rytmus, or Victoria Velvet, as well as in many video clips or in the theatre. When I'm not dancing in front of the camera, I`m standing behind it and checking the choreography.

What is a good competition for?

Like any sport or professional activity, dance is constantly moving forward and evolving into a certain stylization, thanks to which it becomes more and more demanding, its standard is constantly growing. Thanks to the competition, you can enrich yourself with a new dance vocabulary of other dancers and you can expand your spectrum, where to go next and what to improve.

As for the choreography

Every dancer fits a certain style more in terms of contemporary, I found myself on the more technical side and I build my choreography more on it.
The most important thing for me is that in the choreography I want to tell my story, whether it's the day I had or I'm sad about something, there should always be emotions and feelings in the story that you want to pass on to others without talking to them.


Which music to choose?

Choreography music should not be monotonous but should have gradation and dynamics. Try to choose music that is not on one wave for three minutes, but on the contrary, music that even you, if you hear it in the playlist, will not force you to switch to another song after half a minute.

As for the costume

The costume itself should correspond to your work, for example, if you have lyrical music, choose more subtle colors and cuts of clothing. For faster and more dynamic music, choose colors more vividly. For my choreography "Young and beautiful", I chose a light blue dress from the Capezio brand. The opposite - is Gone's choreography it was a red set by Bloch.

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