Show must go on

Dear dancers,
Nobody has ever thought how our lives are going to change in a couple of weeks. All your planned competitions, performances, regular trainings have been moved to a later date. We dance online nowadays. We know, it´s not the same as at a ballroom but we´re glad that you are thinking of further times when we will be able to come there and finally „rock it“ with your dance.

We recommend you to find a regular time for your workouts when you can take care of your body. Everyday warm-up, stretching, strengthening or just simple jumps are important. Now is the right time to think about the particular moves, focus on them and improve them. Sometimes when you´re relaxing just close your eyes and imagine your dance variations - what muscle to use and when exactly. Trust us, your persistence wil pay off.

And now there´s something else we would like to let you know... Beacuse of the current situation we´re facing now, we had to reorganize our work. Our brick-and-mortar shop is closed now until further notice. We handle your internet orders continuously. The producers- our suppliers also work in a limited regime. We kindly ask you for a patience if your item is not currently available and we have to reorder it. Each customer will be informed about the order status.

We care about safety of all of us and we observe the preventive measures - to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus desease. We have prepared some instructions for you which we think will help us run our services smoothly and effectively.

  • It is convenient to pay for your order by bank transfer, by credit card through TrustPay or paying by using credit card (if you choose cash on delivery) through carriage companies. As you already know cash payment is not available.
  • Please select courier delivery service or working/functioning delivery places where can you pick up your parcel. Post office services should be used only as a last resort. Because of the new Government order you can avoid waiting in long lines a front of the post office.
  • Courier delivery service - it is necessary to pick up your parcel outside in front of your house/block of flats
  • For requests such as exchanges, returns of goods etc. please use Pick-up places or courier. Send parcels to address: Zborovska 5, Kosice, 04001
  • Beacause of the operation restrictions Post Office doesn´t guarantee picking up your returns and claim processing in time.

Please take these points just as our temporary effect recommendations in this state of emergency.
Don´t hesitate to contact us in any case.
We hope our lives will get back to normal soon.

New arrivals