10 of funny everyday dancer routines

We think dancers are a special kind of human race ???? Why do we think that? Some of our friends, which are non-dancers think, that dancers have some everyday „weird routines”. Just continue reading and you will find out 10 of funny everyday dancer routines which have to be familiar to you as well.

We can´t stop moving

Constant moving is simply written in our DNA! We always move, jump or rehearsal a new choreography. In some situations it can be really embarrassing…

Everytime we bend down we do Penchée

When we see a fallen pen on the floor we always “end up” in theatre stage and we show the best Penchée ever ???? It´s so natural for dancers.

Cracking joints

Our hands, knees or backs always communicate with us. We can sound as a musical instrument to someone ????

We regularly find ourselves to do ballet positions

We just can´t control it! We find out about these „unknown positions“ from taken pictures only or when someone tells us. Dancers can´t deny their nature.

Dancing with our heads

No, those are not tics. We are just reviewing a last training choreography and our head is our body right now ????

We stretch literally EVERYWHERE

Stretching in the kitchen? Stretching on the chair at the cinema? Yes. Stretching during a school break in a restroom? Yes. Anywhere else? Yes.

Our dance bag is full of unusual things

Truly, how many times has happened to you that you have taken a tennis ball, a dental thread, a sticky tape or sewing kit out of your bag?

We do everything in split position

Whether we watch TV, read a book, or we just lie and learn on the floor, it´s absolutely normal to do it in split position.

We love dressing leotards

A perfect summer outfit – a leotard mixed with shorts. But that´s no wonder our closet is full of dance clothes.

We always ask: „What song is this?“

Our heads are nonstop on the dance floor, they dance and create new choreographies. That´s why we urgently need to know the name of the song played by DJ, so we don´t have to spend hours looking for it on the internet.

We can´t stop watching in the mirror

We have never said, that this saying doesn´t goes for everyone ???? BUT dancers are oversensitive about mirrors. It´s like a magnet. When we see a mirror, we move and dance immediately and we can´t stop watching ourselves.


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